Red Lotus Massage is owned and operated by Kathryn Flyr.

Kathryn is LMT, NCBTMB certified and a Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)

Red Lotus Massage is located at:
110 Melrose Place
San Antonio, TX 78212

(210) 857-4122

By appointment only
Monday – Friday

Kacey Bina Robledo, MT112713, NCBTMB certified 600145-10, Massage Therapist and Independent Contractor through Red Lotus Massage Therapy

(210) 488-8394

By appointment only

Kathryn Flyr’s Bio

My own health journey began in Rotan, Honduras in 1998. I had been on the road for months and fell ill with Dengue Fever.

My introduction to holistic medicine began. My first massage was a fantastic experience. I felt like all of my muscle and joint pain had disappeared. The effects on my lymphatic system were also helping speed my healing. I was hooked. The local islanders were concerned about me and they brought me my first medicinal tea. They called it fever grass, I called it a life saver. Days passed after beginning these treatments and I was feeling much better. When I returned to the states my doctor was speechless. He had heard from my mother about my ills and was very concerned about what kind of shape I would be in when I arrived home. A full recovery was made, as well as a new look at health and the human body.

The pool at the YWCA of Lincoln, NE is where I started. Teaching water aerobics was a great way to get in touch with my health. Ten classes a week had exposed me to many people who suffered from joint and muscle pain. I decided to enroll in the Omaha School of Massage Therapy. My training was a blend of western and eastern massage modalities. Hydrotherapy and spa training were intricate to my long term out look of health. The therapeutic value of water is what I wanted to focus on in my practice. I graduated from school in June of 2003 and was preparing for the National boards in therapeutic massage and bodywork.

Completion of this exam would allow me to relocate and start the practice I had been dreaming about. San Antonio, Texas became my home the summer of 2003. Red Lotus Massage Therapy was founded shortly after I had settled in. I am thankful to share my knowledge of therapeutic massage, yoga, and hydrotherapy with the community in San Antonio.

Bina’s Bio

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National Certification for Massage and Bodywork. (NCTMB)
Licensed Massage Therapist for the state of Texas. (LMT)

Client Bill Of Rights

* The client is to arrive a few minutes before their scheduled appointment so their session can begin on time. The client understands if they arrive late they may not receive the full session. This is to ensure that the next appointment begins on time.
* The client understands he or she will be draped during the session, and only the areas that are being treated will be uncovered. The draping may consist of sheets or towels as appropriate for the provided treatment.
* The client can expect to be touched in a respectful and effective manner.
* The client agrees to treat the therapist in a respectful and professional manner.
* The client agrees to be prepared for the treatment with good personal hygiene.
* The therapist will explain in general terms the planned procedure for achieving the intent of the session and will answer any questions the client may have.
* The client understands that the effectiveness of treatment is dependant upon their participation and that they should communicate with the therapist any concerns, questions, pain or changes in their condition so that the treatment benefits will be maximized.
* The client shall be informed of the cost of treatments prior to the session.
* The client can expect confidentially with regard to the session, health history, personal and otherwise information.

Complaints regarding massage therapist or a massage therapy experience should be directed to:

Texas Department of Health, Massage Therapy Registration Program
100 W. 49th Street, Austin, TX 78756-3199

Code of Ethics

* Provide the highest quality of care.
* Represent qualifications honestly.
* Accurately inform clients of the scope and limitations of their modalities.
* Conduct business and professional activities with honesty, integrity and respect the inherent worth of all persons.
* Refuse to unjustly discriminate against clients or other health professionals.
* Safeguard confidentiality.
* Refrain, under all circumstances, from initiating or engaging in any sexual activities with a client.
* Work in the clients best interest.
* Respect boundaries and privacy.
* Respect the clients right to informed consent.
* Client has the right to refuse, modify or terminate the session.
* Follow all policies, procedures, guidelines, codes and requirements promulgated by the State of Texas and the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.